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Krave Landsape Construction LTD is capable of providing for your Commercial Property the best landscape enhancements.  Backed by our experienced and knowledgeable installation team.  We also work with partnerships to take on larger projects.

Heat and extreme weather can cause concrete to expand and push against anything that does not have the ability to flex. Such expanding force can cause concrete to crack. For this reason well planned cuts need to be made in the concrete before it is completely hardened to create expansion room.

Concrete can show cracks when it is relatively new for a number of reasons. It can be the mix of the concrete or cracking can be the result of one or a combination of factors, such as drying shrinkage, thermal contraction, sub grade settlement, and applied loads. The concrete does not lose strength so repairs are recommended to enhance its appearance. We will work with you to come up with a solution that meets your needs. Our advice and quotes are always free.


KRAVE Landscaping Construction LTD. offers service for asphalt repair and installation. Whether you have cracks or need to level out your asphalt surface we are able to take on the job.   

Our services include:

Crack Filling & Crack Sealing:  Addressing these issues is vital, as any additional moisture that penetrates the cracks spreads out and sits beneath the asphalt which will cause more damage to the surface.

Pothole Patching:  Potholes can cause vehicle damage, fortunately patching is the easiest solution. We will fill in and repair any damaged areas to enhance the look of your driveway. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started. Our dedicated and professional team is ready to provide a personal consultation to address all of your asphalt or concrete repair requirements.  

Just Ask Us!  Our services operate after hours if needed for minimal disruption to your business  and operations. Just Ask Us! #top #top #top
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